Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser

The hands-free, quick and easy way to sanitize on the go

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Refillable Bottle

Advanced Motion Sensor

Portable Mount

Months-Long Battery Life

Perfectly Dispensed Amount


Get sanitizer without touching anything, including the bottle

Advanced motion sensor and versatile mounting options ensure you can eliminate germs with a single wave of your hand: quick, easy, and germ-free.

Quick & Easy Operation

Automatically dispenses the perfect amount of sanitizer to help you quickly fight bacteria with a single hand motion.

Works With All Your Favorite Sanitizers

Dropi’s reusable bottles make it easy to swap in any brand of hand cleanser and helps reduce single-use plastic.

Mounts Everywhere You Need It Most

No matter your ride or lifestyle, Dropi’s versatile mount means you’re always one motion away from that clean-hands feeling.

The Easiest Hands-Free, Germ-Fighting Solution